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SP Strategies: The Research is the Difference

The System Logic is The Key

We don't just throw a bunch of numbers and indicators against a wall to see what might stick. Our trading systems are founded on sound technical logic. Trading systems built upon this type of solid foundation are much more likely to perform well in the long term.

The systems are based upon research and analysis of actual patterns of historical price fluctuations. The analysis of these patterns as well as other market parameters act as templates describing how a market is likely to behave. Only those patterns shown to display the most consistent level of repeatability are used.  Our objective is to use those parameters with the highest probability of success.  

Each of the systems is driven by a proprietary set of mathematical formulas that focus on identifying trades with the greatest likelihood of success. The systems look for selective buying and selling opportunities in the markets through constantly monitoring dynamic market parameters.  

The systems' overall objective is to return profits over time. Every system has been designed to have a long-term outlook for equity growth.

Long Track Record

Our trading systems have long track records. This allows us to see how a trading system behaves in many different market conditions, not just the last three to six months.

Robust Testing Methods

SP Strategies trading systems  are designed to be robust. We do this by testing our systems on markets other than those they were specifically designed for. We like to see how each system behaves when confronted with new market territory. For instance, we may thoroughly research how a system performs when tested on the  S&P 500 futures, NASDAQ futures, DOW futures, Japanese Yen, etc. This multi-market research allows us to further establish the long-term viability of our trading systems.

Out-Of-Sample Testing

We are not interested in creating the "flavor of the month" trading system. When we initially design a trading system we do not do so on all data that is available. We do both walk-forward and walk-backward testing. This simply means that we check each trading systems performance on unseen data before and after the sample period.

SP Strategies Incubator

The SP Strategies Incubator allows us to observe a trading systems performance in real time. In this way we can see whether a trading system is performing as expected. The incubator also allows us to perform additional research in real time. If the system performs as expected during the incubation period then it is made available to traders.

The minimum incubation period for SP Strategies trading systems is one year.

SP Strategies Objectives

Our objective is to create profitable trading systems for traders. We seek to create trading systems that will perform in any market environment whether up, down, or sideways. We  avoid trading systems that work in only a certain type of market as it is unlikely that extremely specific market conditions will continue in the long term.

Stay tuned: Prudent Futures Portfolio Trading System II is coming soon!